Asking for help takes courage, and
Help One does its best to assist those who ask.

If you’ve found this site, you likely need a little help or know someone who does. Maybe there is a field trip or activity you would like to join but can’t afford the fees, or perhaps you need equipment for a sport or art class.

We’re a group of parents who want to make sure young people aren’t left out because they can’t access the resources they need to participate – both inside and outside school.

The only requirement we have is that you apply your best effort. We will work with you and an adult you trust to connect you with the help you need.

Help One

Please fill out this form if you are a child in need of a little help. We will contact you soon after you fill it out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This form is to be filled out by the child not the parent.

We believe that by kids asking for help they understand that a gift was received, and in return give back to their community.

Help One Friend

The same applies for a friend, do you have a friend that just needs a break? Fill out our form for them and we will contact them and see if we can help.

Your Information
Help Information
Adult Endorsement- Please read before completing.

You provide a critical role in the productive use of Help One funds. As the endorser, you should have a good understanding of the applicant’s intent and financial situation. Please only endorse the individuals you know are in need.

  • Principal, vice-principal or educator
  • A professional in health, social work, or the family services sector
  • Member of the clergy
  • Police officer

Applications without a sponsor cannot be addressed. Your sponsor will be contacted to verify and assist with your request.


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